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Happy Friday Friends!

Am I the only one that felt like this was the longest week ever? A lot happened this week- all good things, but I am tired and so excited to sleep in tomorrow. (I think the running has something to do with it as well)

Nolan got me an iPad for Christmas- so I’ve been looking for some good E-books and articles to read on it. Here are a few interesting and useful┬ádesign related articles I’ve found this week. Enjoy!

Bookkeeping 101 | from Design Sponge Biz Ladies. (This whole series is so great- really helpful content for all of you small business owners out there!) This in particular is a great article talking about the basics of bookkeeping for your business. After one year of doing this, I’ve realized how important it is to stay organized with your income and expenses. It’s so easy to loose track of, so you have to make it a priority!

Finding your Freelance Niche. Finding a niche takes a lot of time and experimenting- this is a great article to read at the beginning stages of your freelance business.

An awesome read all on how to make your clients love you as a graphic designer. Some really good tips in this one!

Rebrand Your Hood. How the I Love New York logo changed the path of NYC and how you can do some good using your skills in your community.

An awesome way to showcase how to properly build your PSD files for your programmers.

Have a great weekend friends, play hard and get some sleep.


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11. January 2013 by Joanna
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  1. good post – loved reading all the articles!

  2. Great links! I am always so grateful for bloggers who round-up helpful links! Such a wonderful resource yourself!!! :)

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  4. Awesome set of links Joanna, I clicked through a few of them there, many thanks!

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