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Desktop Download | Merry Christmas!

It’s finally here! Now no one can get mad at me for dancing around the house to the Amy Grant Christmas album…. (we all have our guilty pleasures!) I’m a real sucker for this time of year. Christmas trees all over, sparkling lights, people baking treats and wanting me to eat them… What could be better than that??

In respect to decorating the house for Christmas, I had to decorate my computer too. Afterall, it is the thing I spend the most time with on a daily basis. I hand lettered this “Merry Christmas” and placed the words “SPREAD LOVE” on the bottom. Just to remind us all about what’s really important this season :)

Also, I’m fully aware that this hand-lettering trend maaay be a bit overdone. I mean, take a look at Pinterest and you’ll see enough to last you for awhile. But let’s be real- it’s SO pretty! I think that as we spend our days on the computer our eyes are drawn to things that remind us that we are humans and we can create with our hands. We crave it. And as much as I tried to avoid it this little trend, I could no longer stop myself. It’s too fun. And this blog is the space where I can do what I want and have fun with it, right?? So here it is friends, from my blog to your desktop- a little Christmas hand-lettered cheer. I hope you download it and enjoy! Pick out what size works best for your computer OR your mobile device. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends!!

2560 x 1440 || 1680 x 1050 || 1440 x 900 || 1280 x 800 || iPhone || iPad

04. December 2013 by Joanna
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That Fall Feelin

Happy Friday friends!

I’ve been so loving Fall these past couple weeks. Even though it doesn’t get very chilly yet here in SoCal, there is a shift in the air that you can feel. The skies are bluer, the wind is fresh, and the sun rests in a different place in the sky. So although it’s not cold, I can still feel that Fall is in the air. This is the inspiration for this new desktop download I have for you guys today. “Fall Feel”. It feels like fall outside and I wanted to bring it inside. Thought you all may want to as well!

You can download the files for your desktop, iPad or iPhone below.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Pick your size: 2560 x 1440 || 1680 x 1050 || 1440 x 900 || 1280 x 800 || iPhone || iPad

18. October 2013 by Joanna
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I’ve honestly never been a huge Spring fan. I’ve always loved the cold winters and hot summers. The in between seasons have always seemed just a means to an end to me. But this Spring I’ve just been in heaven! I am loving the weather, the trees starting to blossom, and the fresh fruit showing up at the grocery store. I’ve especially loved the lemons. Lemons are great for cooking, (I just made this the other day and it was amazing!) they act as a natural home deodorizer, and they make for a great table centerpiece! The yellow color is just gorgeous placed anywhere in the house.

So here’s a desktop download I made for you to help you celebrate this beautiful season! Download it by clicking the correct size for your computer (or iphone and ipad) below. And definitely go out and buy some lemons!

2560 x 1440 // 1680 x 1050 // 1440 x 900 // 1280 x 800 // IPAD // IPHONE

01. April 2013 by Joanna
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Tunes for Thursday

Can you believe Valentines Day is almost upon us? Wether you’re spending the night with your man, your girlfriends or at home with a glass of wine watching The Notebook (no shame in that!) this little V-Day playlist is gonna make for a fun night. Funky love songs with a vintage twist. Hope you enjoy!!

PS- Need a good date idea for you and your significant other? I posted these fun ideas worth looking at. Have fun!…

12. February 2013 by Joanna
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Animal Desktop Download

I’ve been wanting to do another desktop download for awhile now- and this weekend I finally had the chance to make one for you. It’s inspired by the fun animal trend happening these days. I’m a huge animal lover and thought it would be fun to have a few on my desktop! If you’re into it- you can download the correct size for your screen at the bottom of this post. If you would like to take these little guys out and about with you, I sized a few for your iPhone and iPad as well.

Enjoy hanging out with these colorful little guys today- I know I will! Happy Monday friends!

Pick your size:   2560 x 1440  ||  1680 x 1050  ||  1440 x 900  ||  1280 x 800  ||  iPhone  ||  iPad

21. January 2013 by Joanna
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Can you believe it’s November already? I seriously feel like we were just in September. Transitioning into the colder months, I needed some new music to reflect the season. One thing I love about the winter time is sipping coffee (or hot chocolate), bundling up in a blanket and putting on some soft, chill music. This is a playlist that will pair perfectly with you and your warm beverage. Check it out here!

Hope you enjoy! And honestly, if you’re not on Spotify yet, you so should be! It’s the best thing ever. And totally free for the basic package. Enjoy friends! And happy November!!

pattern detail found here.

01. November 2012 by Joanna
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Work Playlist

I know I’m totally late on the game here, but I just downloaded Spotify last week and I have been so in love!! I used to be pretty into music. But as I got older, graduated college and wasn’t constantly surrounded by people sharing awesome music with me, I kind of got into this rut of listening to the same stuff over and over.

So when I finally hopped onto Spotify I have been so happy to discover so much good music, as well as heading back to the good classic stuff I’ve always loved. So, all that being said, if you have Spotify, I thought I’d share with you a playlist I’m using to work to today.

When it comes to work music, I really like something with a good beat and not a ton of words, (it gets hard for me to concentrate on work when I’m singing.)

So if you’re not on Spotify, get on it, it’s awesome, and if you are, here’s a playlist for ya to work to today!

Golddust  //  DJ Fresh The Rusty Pig  //  Joe and Will Ask? I Want You Back  //  Discovery Hood Pass Intact  //  Dam Funk Promises  //  Nero Summit – feat. Ellie Goulding  //  Skrillex Katy On A Mission  //  Katy B L.E.S Artistes  //  Santigold Osaka Loop Line  //  Discovery Lights –  Drop Lamond Remix  //  Ellie Goulding

Listen on Spotify!!

Happy Monday friends!…

10. September 2012 by Joanna
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“A Daring Adventure” Desktop

So I finally got a new iMac this week. It’s a 27in and I’m in love. So since I have this awesome new computer, I had to create a sweet new desktop for it, right???

I liked it a lot after I created it and wanted to share it with you guys :)

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” -Hellen Keller. Isn’t it true??

If we don’t see life as an adventure, take some risks, and bring meaning to our everyday, life can get pretty boring real fast. (YOLO, right?! hehe)

So I thought it would be nice to have the reminder to see life as an adventure. Hopefully it will help you remember as well!!

You can download the desktop here or click on the top image.

Happy Thursday everyone!…

06. September 2012 by Joanna
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