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6 Holiday Drinks to Sip

By this time you’re either rushing to finish up work, running around picking up last minute gifts, wrapping, or relaxing cause you’re on top of it and eating something yummy. Me? I’m blogging from my studio then headed home to wrap! I’m all for holiday drinks to sip while wrapping presents or spending time with friends and family. So I thought I’d gather together some of my favorite festive drink Pins for you guys to explore. Below are each of the links to the drinks pictured above where you can go check out the instructions and learn how to make these things!

Lavender Hot Chocolate Moscow Mule Cranberry & Rosemary White Christmas Sangria Frosted Gingerbread Martini Honey Sage Gin Fizz Spiked Hot Chocolate

I will be blog-breaking it until after the new year. So join me back here in 2014 for some more creative play over here, ok? Can you believe it’s the end of 2013?? I really learned so much about myself this past year. 2013 was very reflective and a time of looking at myself, really thinking about what I want to do with my life and the person I want to be. I’m stoked to have some confirmation come from that time of reflection and I can’t wait to see what comes of it in 2014. Thanks everyone for following along this little journey with me. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful break. Cheers!!…

23. December 2013 by Joanna
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Around Burbank | Quenelle

After getting a great response to this post about my visit / new love for Storyville Cafe, I knew I had to start blogging more about my food adventures. I’ve been wanting to try Quenelle in Burbank since it opened up this summer. Burbank doesn’t have the best reputation for food places when compared to the rest of the LA area, so I was stoked to hear that this place was in my hood. The temp hit 80 this week- and I thought it would be a great excuse to head to Quenelle for a Christmas ice cream outing. I grabbed my foodie friend Rachel and we headed out to get our ice cream on.I am the WORST when it comes to making decisions. It’s something I’m planning to work on for 2014… So I drive myself crazy when it comes to choosing ice cream flavors. Especially when I want ALL of them. Strawberry Shortcake, Creme Brûlée, Hot Chocolate w/ Marshmallows, and Bourbon Eggnog were just a few of the options! So I got a popsicle. Actually, it was an Apple Pie Ice Cream Bar with this amazing outer shell that had something to do with graham crackers and carmel. Heaven in your mouth.It’s a simple little shop, run by an award winning pastry chef. There are a few books and plants around, but the main focus is on your taste buds. Nothing like tasting great quality food. It speaks for itself! Quenelle’s delicious, creamy and creative ice cream speaks so much for itself, that they don’t even have a website! You can check out their Yelp page to see the store info and read the good things other people have to say. Thanks to my friend Rachel for snapping a few of these pics- and thanks Quenelle for being so yummy and close to mi casa. If you guys are ever in Burbank and needing something sweet to eat- definitely check it out! And let me know when you go so I can meet you there and taste another flavor! Happy Thursday friends!…

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Online Shopping Gift Guide

Three things I’m not a fan of: being really cold, waking up before the sun is up, and large crowds of pushy people. AKA: Black Friday. So I don’t do it. Never have and never plan to. I prefer to do my holiday shopping online. In my pajamas, by myself. With online shops now doing Black Friday deals, and with Cyber Monday in the game, there’s really no need for me to do everything I dislike just to score a good deal.

This year I complied three different online shops that I think would be a great place to find gifts this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or really any day! These are diverse enough that you should be able to find something that would work for any of your lady friends (sorry guys, these aren’t exactly directed at you, although I do have this one for you from last year!) Enjoy! First off, we have the lovely Nine Space. Nine Space is an “online home textile and home decor company”. They have some great throws, pillows, kitchen items, bedding and even some classy (so not cheesy) holiday items. I’m a huge fan of soft blankets, so I decided to highlight the Brushed Organic Cotton Throw. I’m also a fan of affordable items that can dress up a room, and this adorable woven hand towel would totally do that for a kitchen or bathroom.

For your work-out buddy there’s an awesome new clothing line called Fabletics created by Kate Hudson. They have a ton of great items on there, including a quiz you can take to see what kind of clothes would work for you and your favorite way to workout. I like this sweatshirt because I get cold easily. I could see throwing this on before a yoga sesh- and I could still wear it looking cute while running errands after the gym!

Jessica Alba runs The Honest Co. which is all about safe and natural products for families. As I get older and more of my friends are having kids, I find myself looking for cute kid-friendly gifts for the little ones. How cute are these bear hats and these hand-carved giraffes? The fact that you can give them to kids knowing that they are completely safe using / wearing them is icing on the cake. They also offer free product trials, and all you have to do is pay for shipping! Pretty sweet.

Where ever you decide to do your shopping this year, I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving. Remember how good you have it, eat lots of turkey and pie. And sleep a lot please. You deserve it.

Also, here’s a recap of the shops and items above:

Nine Space Brushed Organic Cotton Throw Aegean Hand Towel

Fabletics Kingston Sweatshirt

The Honest Co. Bear Hat Wooden Toy Free Product Trial

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How fun are these “People Blocks”? They are created by hand by artist Andy Rementer for Case Studyo. I’ve found myself really being drawn to this style of art lately. Bold hits of color and simple shapes, paired with clean patterns. If I had a kid I’d totally get these for them to play with.

Here’s a blurb from the Case Studyo site: “The individual pieces are interchangeable, allowing them to be re-assembled and stacked to create custom characters or abstract sculptures. The series captures the spirit of Rementer’s work, high key color, bold decorative pattern and oddly pensive characters which interact in unexpected and often humorous ways with the surroundings in which they are arranged. The characters: Antoine, Fabienne, Jean and François are sold individually and packaged in a screen printed wooden box. Each sculpture comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist.”

Awesome, right? Check out the video below to see these guys in action & get a better feel for how they work as blocks.


So fun, right? See more from the artist here and Case Studyo here.…

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Fall is here. And I’m eating lots of Pumpkin.

So it’s October. Yesterday is was 95 degrees here in So Cal. But for some reason, it still really feels like fall here. I don’t know if it’s the breeze in the air or the sun setting earlier, but I am totally feeling the fall season. I used to wait until the perfect moment, the perfect day, to drink a PSL. (Pumpkin spice latte). I would need a chill in the air, clouds in the sky, and that “feeling” that it’s fall. Last year I was highly disappointed when all of October and into November it still felt like summer. The perfect PSL day never came. So this year- I’m not waiting. Life is too short. I’m eating all the pumpkin flavored things I can, even if it’s hot out. Cause truth be told, there’s no such thing as the perfect day, and I’m not going to sit around waiting for it.

So drink a PSL. Make some pumpkin pie. Embrace the season- because blink your eyes and it will be Spring. Life flies by, and I realize this more and more every year. So embrace pumpkin people! You know I will be!!


pumpkin image source

07. October 2013 by Joanna
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My New Girl Crush

I’ve been known to have a few girl crushes over the years. I think it started in kindergarden when Julia Singh, (who happened to be the coolest 4th grader at my church) cut her hair short. So naturally, I cut mine. Everything she did was magical. I wanted to be just like her.

Today, I go through my various forms of girl crushes- there are so many talented ladies in the world how can I not? There’s Kelli Murray– who I’ve had a girl crush on for years now. Her amazing design sense comes through in all areas of her life- her illustration work, her fashion style, even her hair! (She recently died it purple and I about died. How I wish I could make my hair look like that!!) Promise Tangeman, who I’ve had the honor of working with a few times and I’ve come to completely respect as a business lady. This girl knows how to get stuff done and do it well- something that doesn’t naturally come when you have a creative mind. Then of course there’s Jessica HischeTina Roth Eisenberg, oh- don’t forget Oprah. I could really go on and on.

And now my friends, thanks to this amazing internet thing- I’ve discovered my most recent girl crush. Her name is Yo Santosa and she’s a branding genius. I was browsing through some recent Creative Mornings videos and found her talk. A few sentences in and I was crushin. She quit her job to start her own branding studio with one client- Pinkberry. She went on to brand many other companies like TBS, TNT, and Fruute, to name a few. Her company, Ferroconcrete, is in LA. (Which means I could potentially meet her. That needs to happen.)

The main thing I learned after internet stalking Santosa, (watching her talks, reading her interviews, taking her online master class on branding) is that people fall in love with personalities, not businesses. A simple statement with so much truth. I love her fearless spirit. She’s an artist at heart who knows what she likes.

So thanks Yo Santosa, for totally inspiring me and getting me excited about branding. You’re my new girl crush.

Check out her Creative Mornings talk here. You won’t regret it.

See the Ferroconcrete portfolio here.

Want to take that online master class from Yo? Sign up here. Totally worth the $49! (And I so wasn’t paid to say any of this- it’s all because I gained a lot of insight from it and wanted to share!)


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Giveaway | Fashion Dog Lounge

I don’t have a dog. I have two new little kittens– and they’re making me fall in love with all things animal related. So of course I instantly fell in love with these fashionable dog beds from Blueblood. How cute are they? I feel like if you need a dog bed- might as well make it super cute and matching your home decor- right?? The ladies from Blueblood sell these adorable beds for your pets as well as dog collars, tote bags, and other home accessories on their site. I’m pretty much loving everything they have to offer. Now here’s the fun part…

Blueblood is giving away the Sag Harbor bed to one of YOU lucky readers! Dog lovers- get ready.

To enter, head over to the Blueblood Facebook page, click “Like” and then leave a comment on this post! Super simple. One winner will be chosen randomly on Monday, June 10th at 10am. 

Good luck you guys! Now I just have to convince my landlord to let us get a puppy…

UPDATE: The winner is Emily Dean!! (Selected by using Emily- shoot me an email at and we will get this bed to you! Thanks for entering you guys!

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Boutonniere Love

Stumbled upon these gorgeous boutonniere’s on Etsy today.. How lovely are they? The shop is called Three Little Birds and the owner creates all her products using preserved florals so they last through shipping and up until your wedding day. She’s also doing custom orders up until the 15th of June! So if you’re getting married and needing some florals- head over here quick!

Also reminds me how important good photography is for your product shots- just lovely.…

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Pool Day Accessories

All this past week and all next week my husband and I have been housesitting for some friends of ours. And it’s been awesome. They have a house just a little bit bigger than ours… (ok, MUCH bigger than ours!) an amazing kitchen for cooking in, AND a pool in the backyard. So this is where I’ve been working this week. It’s a rough life…. Being by the pool every day has fully got me in Summer mode. And with summer comes new summer goodies, right?? Here’s a round up of some cute things I’ve found in my internet wanderings that I think would make for a great backyard pool day… Add a great book or your favorite magazine and you are set! I hope you all have an amazing weekend!  Enjoy it!! I’ll be out by the pool trying not to get sunburned…

hat  //  shoes  //  suit

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Create + Cultivate Recap

Take a few awesome DIY’s, some amazing speakers like Jessica Comingore, and a couple awesomely talented, hard working ladies and you get Create and Cultivate. Last weekend I was able to attend this awesome event- it was put on by No Subject at The Standard in Downtown LA. It was a blast!

Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen came and taught us how to make our food photos look appetizing. Here I am taking photos of some yummy cookies she baked us. And here’s my photo! What do you think? I think it looks pretty yummy if I do say so myself… There was so much happening here. Distressing denim, a great talk from Bucketfeet about turning your passion into a business, and tons more. (Including awesome food and drinks- which makes every event better!)

If you guys are in the Portland area, check out the Create and Cultivate event that is coming to you in July! You can get info and tickets here. I hope you all had a great 3-day weekend and were able to take some time off to swim and eat bar-b-que’d corn.

PS: My half marathon went really well- I’m so glad it’s over but so glad I did it. I’ll post a recap soon!! Thanks for all your support!!

Photos from NoSubject LA

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