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New Work: Lily Schlosser Fashion Blog

I recently finished up a new blog / brand design for the adorable Lily Schlosser. Lily is a fashion blogger who has a cute/casual style which I am so drawn to. This girl can dress up a vintage sweater with some boots and jeans like no one else. Her natural look and approachable style made me instantly drawn to her- I was so excited when I got her email and started looking through her blog. I knew we had to work together!

Lily needed a brand to match her style. Being that she is approachable and embraces imperfections, I knew a hand done logo would be perfect for her. Something simple and elegant without needing to feel perfect.

We came up with a monochromatic color palette, with a hit of mustard yellow to get her personality in there. The flower petal marks on each end of the logo represented the light hearted spirit of her blog- and have the ability to be used elsewhere throughout the brand.

After creating the brand, we brought the look onto her blog. We wanted to really show off her photos, so bringing in the simple and clean look to the site was very important.

Lily really wanted her blog to feel personal, and the small boot icon I created really was a signature mark of her style. We decided to incorporate the boot and her signature into a small icon that is now used at the end of each of her blog posts. To give her posts the approachable and personal feel that she writes with. I think it turned out really cute!
You can check out the live blogsite here. And definitely keep following Lily’s blog- she’s got some awesome things going over there! We maaay even have another project in the works… stay tuned!!!

Happy Friday Friends!!!

PS- if you didn’t catch it, registration for The Yellow Conference is up and running! Check it one time.…

21. March 2014 by Joanna
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The Yellow Conference

There’s been a very special project that I’ve been working on since the beginning of the year. This week the word has slowly been getting out, but I wanted to officially announce it here. This year I will be organizing The Yellow Conference. It’s a little idea I had in the shower, that has now turned into something that’s actually happening. It’s SO cool to experience dreams that turn into reality!

You can read more about the conference on the website, but right now, we are just getting the word out along with the mission and big picture idea behind the conference. So help me spread the word through TwitterInstagram, and Facebook! Our actual location will be announced next week, and registration will open the following week + the official schedule will be announced. The conference will take place August 28th and 29th, here in the LA area.

You guys, this thing is going to be amazing. I mean, just take a look at a few of the speakers that we have, and you’ll get a taste of the vibe of this place. We have Sarah Dubbledam, the creator of Darling Magazine coming, Promise Tangeman, the rock star designer, and Aja Brown, the 31 year old mayor of Compton who is doing crazy awesome things to turn that city around. And those are just three of them!

You can read more about the conference on the website, but I wanted to make it official as the word has slowly been getting out, and tell you guys first! I am beyond blessed to be apart of this new adventure, can’t wait to see what comes of it!!! Would love your support!!

Thanks friends!!…

27. February 2014 by Joanna
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New Work: AVE Styles

It’s Friday! TGIF people, am I right??! I thought I’d share with you some new web design work for the amazing Alex Evjen of A.V.E. Styles. (If you guys haven’t checked out her Pinterest- go NOW. So much goodness.) Anyways, this project was an extra fun one. Alex had a brand created by the fab Promise Tangeman but needed a new website design. So I got to take the awesome logo and colors that Promise had come up with for Alex, and turn it into a just as awesome website for this lovely lady. Not an easy task, but Alex was such a delight to work with and she made the process SO enjoyable.

You guys will have to check out Alex’s blog for some great fashion advice, and to see more of what this talented lady is up to.

Thanks Alex for being so amazing to work with! You truly are a gem.

You can check out Alex’s full site here, follow her on Twitter here and DEF check out her amazing Pinterest!!

Happy Friday friends! Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!…

16. January 2014 by Joanna
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Desktop Download | Merry Christmas!

It’s finally here! Now no one can get mad at me for dancing around the house to the Amy Grant Christmas album…. (we all have our guilty pleasures!) I’m a real sucker for this time of year. Christmas trees all over, sparkling lights, people baking treats and wanting me to eat them… What could be better than that??

In respect to decorating the house for Christmas, I had to decorate my computer too. Afterall, it is the thing I spend the most time with on a daily basis. I hand lettered this “Merry Christmas” and placed the words “SPREAD LOVE” on the bottom. Just to remind us all about what’s really important this season :)

Also, I’m fully aware that this hand-lettering trend maaay be a bit overdone. I mean, take a look at Pinterest and you’ll see enough to last you for awhile. But let’s be real- it’s SO pretty! I think that as we spend our days on the computer our eyes are drawn to things that remind us that we are humans and we can create with our hands. We crave it. And as much as I tried to avoid it this little trend, I could no longer stop myself. It’s too fun. And this blog is the space where I can do what I want and have fun with it, right?? So here it is friends, from my blog to your desktop- a little Christmas hand-lettered cheer.
I hope you download it and enjoy! Pick out what size works best for your computer OR your mobile device. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends!!

2560 x 1440 || 1680 x 1050 || 1440 x 900 || 1280 x 800 || iPhone || iPad

04. December 2013 by Joanna
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New Work- Naftul Indie Fashion Lookbook

I just recently had the pleasure of creating this catalog for the amazing Naftul. She is an indie fashion designer with clothing that is literally what I would dream up if I could imagine the perfect wardrobe for myself. It’s fashionable, wearable and comfortable. I’m ALL for being comfy. And looking cute while feeling good? Yes please. Here is what Nataly (nickname Naftul) says about her clothing:

“All of the clothes I design are clothes that I would like to wear. So before I begin to sketch, I start with the fabric. I tend to stick with comfortable and airy textiles. I test out samples of the fabric in order know how to work with them and only then am I able to really get inspired. I start out by sketching the basic look of my design and then begin to work on the pattern. Once I have made my first complete concept design, I can begin to duplicate the garment and then sell it.”

She was a dream to work for- the whole process really felt effortless. It didn’t hurt that I could stare at these beautiful clothes all day- which made the entire process fun for me.

Check out the entire catalog on Issuu here.

You can check out her Etsy shop here, and leave her some love on her Facebook!

13. November 2013 by Joanna
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That Fall Feelin

Happy Friday friends!

I’ve been so loving Fall these past couple weeks. Even though it doesn’t get very chilly yet here in SoCal, there is a shift in the air that you can feel. The skies are bluer, the wind is fresh, and the sun rests in a different place in the sky. So although it’s not cold, I can still feel that Fall is in the air. This is the inspiration for this new desktop download I have for you guys today. “Fall Feel”. It feels like fall outside and I wanted to bring it inside. Thought you all may want to as well!

You can download the files for your desktop, iPad or iPhone below.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Pick your size: 2560 x 1440 || 1680 x 1050 || 1440 x 900 || 1280 x 800 || iPhone || iPad

18. October 2013 by Joanna
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Three Things Lately

Hey guys!! So Summer is really over- (even though it’s still in the 90′s) And I’ve decided to come back to blogging on a regular basis. My goal is to be blogging here once a week- no promises that it will always happen, but I’m going to try!

Life lately has been good busy. The kind of busy that inspires you, not burns you out. (Let’s hope it stays that way!!) I thought I would share with you a couple things that have been happening lately.
1 //  I got some awesome creatives to share with me in my new work space! Woo Hooo! I feel so blessed and really think that God has His good hand over this one. Can’t wait to be spending my days with real life human interaction.

2  //  A project I had the honor of doing branding and packaging design for has finally launched! It’s called Cafe Pour Deux and being the coffee lover I am it’s really right up my alley. It’s a coffee brand created especially for pregnant and nursing mothers. Here’s the thing- a lot of times doctor’s tell pregnant and nursing patients to drink decaf coffee- but what they don’t understand is that decaf is created by using a ton of unhealthy chemicals that are really not good to be feeding your little one- it would really just be safer to drink regular! So Cafe Pour Deux is created as an alternative to the chemically induced decaf. It’s completely organic, made with no chemicals, and has amazing taste. Pretty cool, right? It’s really awesome even if you’re not a mom- it’s just plain good organic coffee. I truly believe in this product – and it’s been awesome to work on. Head over to their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, or better yet, buy a bag of coffee! Cause they’re really great.

3  //  I’m writing this post from my hotel room in Dallas, Texas. I’m at the Circles Conference this weekend! This is an inspiring conference for creatives in the design field. There are amazing speakers like Lotta Niemien, Carlos Whittaker, and my friend Megan Gilger. It’s always great to get out of LA, and experience new people and places. One of my favorite quotes today was from Carlos, who said that “the more moments we create, the more moments we receive”. His whole talk was about living a life that you design, instead of letting your life design you. Honestly it just inspired me to live life to the fullest. Getting out and making the decision to come to this conference was creating a moment for me, and in turn, I’m receiving so many amazing ones. After Dallas I’m headed to Alabama to see a dear friend of mine, and after that I’m headed to Palm Springs for DesignerVaca! It’s a busy 2 weeks of travel but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.…

19. September 2013 by Joanna
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A Big Hello! And a New Portfolio Site!

Wowza- it’s been a long while hasn’t it?? I haven’t posted once all summer and to be perfectly honest- it’s been amazing. Being away from this blog has made me realized how much pressure I was putting on myself to get blog posts up. Not only that- but I came to realize how stressed and nervous I was about what people would think of each of my posts. Which is really not cool. It caused me to lose touch of that creativity and spark I love so much about what I do. These things were really brought to my attention after stepping away- which is one reason I’m so glad I did. I feel as if I’ve gained new perspective.

I know I’m never going to be a professional blogger- I just don’t have that desire or determination to make that happen. But I do love connecting with you readers and am so thankful for the relationships I’ve been able to find through blogging alone. It’s really awesome! And I have missed you guys! So I’m just going to bask in that for a bit- focus on the good parts of blogging, and not feel stressed about it. There’s enough of that in everyday life- right??

So if you’re reading this- thanks so much for sticking with me. I have some cool news- during this time I’ve taken off from blogging I’ve FINALLY created a new portfolio site! It’s seriously been over a year since I’ve had a proper one. How does that happen?? This process has helped me have a bit more mercy for my indecisive clients… It’s hard to decide on a look to go with and stick with! I probably came up with 3-4 different concepts over the course of this year and thrown all of them out. Don’t follow my example- because when it comes down to it- done is better than perfect, and I really wanted (& needed) to have this thing done!!

So check it out friends! The new portfolio site of Waterfall Creative! —>

I hope you all enjoy skimming through it. It’s funny how I felt as if I didn’t know what my style was- or if I even had one until I looked at my work all together. I definitely have a style that inherently comes out of me. We all do. Isn’t that weird? But so cool! I’m sure it will continue to evolve through the years.

I have tons more to catch you guys up on from the summer- but this was the main thing I wanted to share. That being said- I can’t say that I’m back to blogging consistently- cause I really don’t think I am. But I can say that I will try to be more active on here. So check back, ok?

Oh and I almost forgot- I opened a Society6 shop :) Check it out here!

28. August 2013 by Joanna
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Orange Crush

Today, some graphics I worked on for a styled shoot were featured on Green Wedding Shoes! It’s so fun doing graphics and seeing them come to life through beautiful styling and amazing design of a space. This gorgeous shoot was photographed by One Love Photography and styled, designed and created by Christine at Simply Modern Weddings. They wanted a fun California Vibe paired with rustic vintage. And they totally pulled it off- everything came together so beautifully! The cool thing about styled shoots to me is seeing all of these talents come together to create something amazing. It’s inspiring to see what happens when creative, hard working people collaborate!

How fun would it be to have a summer cocktail or dinner party inspired by this shoot? Outdoors, with friends, enjoying the warm weather? Ah, I’m already there in my mind… You can see the feature and more photos on Green Wedding Shoes here. Happy Thursday friends!

Here is the list of contributors to the shoot!

planning, design + styling: Simply Modern Weddings // photography: onelove Photography // floral design: Krista Jon // rentals: Archive Rentals // tabletop: Archive Rentals + West Elm // table: Signature Party Rentals // desserts: Sweet and Saucy Shop // hair + makeup: 10.11 makeup // paper goods: Joanna Waterfall // bridal gown: BHLDN // groom suit:Banana Republic // groom’s bowtie: The Belle & Beau

23. May 2013 by Joanna
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WINK! Weddings Branding

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while, but one of my favorite recent projects that recently wrapped up to work on was the branding of Wink! Weddings coordination and design.

The client wanted something fun & a bit cheeky. They also really wanted to play up the exclamation point in their name. I started by narrowing down my extremely disorganized “brainstorming board” to three logos.

From there we narrowed it down, revised and played with it, turned it sideways, and boom bang bing- the final logo emerged! We brought the look of the logo onto the website. When a client is down for anything and ready to be creative- it pumps me up! I’m always down for new ideas and taking risks. So we made a sideways menu bar with a black and white striped footer. Infinet Design developed the site and did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier with the result. You can check it out on the web here.
Good branding will get you far friends- with so many websites out there, people will choose your business based upon their connection to your visuals. So invest in branding- it’s SO worth it!

And for the ladies out there planning a wedding- check out Wink! They offer amazing services that are so needed on your wedding day. I had no idea how much I needed a coordinator for my wedding until we were in the middle of the process. And with Wink’s creative spirit and amazing experience- they would be a great choice. It’s so important and so worth every penny!

Happy Wednesday friends!

photo by Melissa Klausman

03. April 2013 by Joanna
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