Have you guys ever struggled with seeing so many different ways to go and really not knowing where to head? I feel like life is one huge set of decisions we make every day, every hour, that compiles what our life. We must watch each decision we make because it will mold us and shape us just slightly. I’ve been thinking a lot about what direction I’m headed with this blog and with this business.

I’ve always found myself struggling between how much of a “business” to be, and how much of an artist I should be. This blog has been a bit of both. Branding as a business verses branding as a person, and finding the in between. We sent out our first Waterfall Creative newsletter today, which feels like a real business move to me. I find myself really wanting to go a business route with Waterfall Creative, but not wanting to lose the realness and the openness of my personal blog. I’ve found that I work well with a team. I want to work with other people, be an art director and allow for collaborative minds to come up with something greater than what I could come up with on my own…

There’s a lot of talk happening here, but these are all things that have really been bouncing around in my head and I like getting it out! I mean, that the reason why I started my Live Journal back in 2007 ha! So anyways, I have big goals, and am excited to see what the future holds.

The great thing about this life is that we are free to make mistakes, free to live, and free to dream. We are just managers of this stuff here on earth. It won’t go with us when we leave.

Just some thoughts on a Friday. Have a wonderful weekend friends!

25. January 2013 by Joanna
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  1. I struggle with making big decisions as well, there are always so many possibilities. Look forward to seeing where you’re headed!!

  2. Sounds exciting! One of the things i misss the most about freelancing is working with other people, collaborating and coming up with creative concepts as a group. Your blog will always allow for that to happen :)

  3. Thanks again for your transparency and inspiration Joanna. Your blog is truly a delight to read.

    One issue that I deal with at this stage of life is how all of those little decisions of life that I make— that at first blush seem simply “personal” — affect the community of people to which I am so closely tied with.

    Two things that I want more of in my life—which affect both myself and those that walk beside me—are “love” and “balance.” My prayer is that I can keep my balance and always be in the process of becoming more loving.

  4. Yes your words here resonate with mine exactly! I think something that’s been drilled a bit more in my mind the past week, is to just go for it and be less fearful. You never know what will happen if you do this or do that, letting go of your mental qualms is key I think so good luck! I’m looking forward to see what you brew up around here :)

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