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Oh the holidays. For some reason it puts this unneeded pressure on everything. Buying gifts, finishing up projects, setting goals for the new year, thinking about how fast the year went by… and how fast life goes by… freaking out about how quickly 30 is approaching and what will I have accomplished?? AH!! Pressure from all over the place!! Anyone feel me?? Please tell me I’m not the only one whose thoughts spiral down this rabbit hole!

I bought this print a few weeks ago to hang in my studio. It reminds me to calm myself. Take a step back and stop worrying. Just stop.

As I take a look at the people I admire and what they’re doing in the world, I realized that they are just playing. It’s just thinking of cool ideas to do and executing them. It’s really that simple. Playing smart I guess you could say. All each of us are doing in this world is helping make it run in one way or another. Isn’t that what our work is? Just helping the world run?

It’s a funny thing, talking about playing and being all inspirational and living each day to the fullest. Inspirational quotes are just everywhere you look in this internet land. But how do we live an inspired life when most of our
days are filled with such normal things? How are we supposed to live each day to the fullest if it’s full of emails,
bills, deadlines, taking showers, taking off makeup and watching House Hunters? What does it mean to live an
inspired life??

I don’t have the answers that’s for sure. But I do know that somewhere between the putting on our shoes and deciding what to eat for lunch, there’s a heartbeat. There’s a breath. A blink. Something crazy happening in our brain that is telling us which way is up. Literally. Such simple things happening that are keeping us alive. We are ALIVE people!! Don’t forget it. And be thankful for it.

So don’t worry, ok?? Don’t let the holiday pressures knock you down. (totally talking to myself here…) Take a minute and be thankful that you are alive. That simple awareness can change your day. It may not change the normal events that are happening throughout it, but it will change your outlook and rub off on the people around you. And maybe make the world a better place. With one simple bit of awareness.

On that note… I totally fell in LOVE with this video by my friend Emma Robertson from Emmadime. She posted it on her blog as the first in her new “A Day in the life” series. This one is a day in the life of a graphic designer. I’ve watched it like 8 times!! I think in one way I love it so much because it looks very similar to the life I live everyday- and if you’re a freelance graphic designer it probably looks similar to yours too! But I think what I really love about it is it’s embracing the everyday things and giving them attention. Making them beautiful and creative and awesome. Here’s Emma’s blog post with the vid and you can watch it below.So be alive people. You don’t have to go sky diving to know that you’re a miracle. Just look at your fingerprint and you’ll know.

Enjoy the day peeps- and don’t let the holiday pressure get to ya! Just stop worrying and look at your pupils in the mirror. Those things are crazy.

11. December 2013 by Joanna
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  1. all very true and great sentiments. especially the part about pupils. they really ARE crazy.

  2. I can relate to so many things you have said in this post!!
    LOVE the day in the life of a graphic designer video!

  3. This is such a lovely post – and seriously good timing! Things have been getting on top on me a lot lately, December is like that but this year has been crazy. I definitely need to take a step back and stop worrying!
    Loved Emma’s post and video too, it’s so fun!

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  5. This is absolutely lovely Joanna! I adore the print so much and Emma’s video is divine. Thank you for the reminder. It is MUCH needed this week with tight deadlines all over my calendar.

  6. Love it!! The video and the words. So great. Thanks for the reminder, Jo.

  7. Such a beautifully written post :)

  8. SO true!! Thanks for sharing…love your blog!

  9. what a great blog post to stumble on before the true craziness of the holidays + starting a new year as a business owner really kicks in. thanks so much for thinking it, writing it + sharing it!

    my favorite part has to be “But I do know that somewhere between the putting on our shoes and deciding what to eat for lunch, there’s a heartbeat. There’s a breath. A blink. Something crazy happening in our brain that is telling us which way is up. Literally.”


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