Monday = Coffee Time

It’s Monday. Which means coffee time. Recently I’ve tried drinking more tea, which has been great, but I still love my coffee. There’s something about it’s rich flavor and smell that I just love.

I stumbled upon this simple website where you can order coffee and have it delivered in a tube to your door each month. I’ve seen a few similar ideas pop up lately, but I was really drawn to the design of the packaging (I just seem to trust companies with good design taste) and the simplicity of the site. The information is laid out clearly, it’s simple to navigate, and has a creative video much different than most of the promo videos that have been popular lately. I’m a fan.

I think these brown flats from Madewell would be perfect to wear while toting your coffee around town.

Anyways, hope your Monday is off to a great start- I’m going to get back to work and my coffee!

04. February 2013 by Joanna
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  1. Those flats are gorgeous. I could definitely see someone walking around with their coffee cup and brown flats!

  2. Verrrry nice packaging and website design. I’ll admit…I judge by the cover.

  3. Care to share any brands of coffee companies you love?? I’m looking to order a good bit to send to clients and like you mentioned, I’m a sucker for great packaging!

  4. Just had to pipe up and say that the coffee is as good as the packaging. And their service is impeccable. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and they deliver my coffee themselves. Gotta love that!

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