Mrs. Waterfall

Hey guys! I’m Joanna Waterfall, (promise it’s my last name – no lies!)

Long story short: I’m a simple girl who wants to inspire and empower people in big ways and small. Most days you’ll find me with a bun in my hair and a hot cup of coffee by my side. I have a passion project called The Yellow Conference, (if you’re a creative lady, def check it out!) and I have an amazing job as a graphic designer / Photoshop teacher / art director / sometimes creative consultant / whatever cool project comes my way-er.

This blog is where I catalog my thoughts, inspirations and wonderings of life, love, design and running a business. I don’t claim to be an expert at any of these things- this is just me and my thoughts. And the occasional photo of my cats.
I also love new friends! Let’s hangout on Instagram, Twitter or email me at One of my favorite things is meeting other creatives over a hot cup of joe. So let’s hang!!

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